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Just a reminder, Striper season in the Chesapeake Bay closes on 15 Dec. It is open in the Potomac River until 31 Dec.


May 16 through December 31

Below Woodrow Wilson Bridge (I-95)

18” min. w/ only 1 over 28”

2 per person

Special Restriction: When Fishing for Striped Bass During the Closed Season – Barbless Hooks are Required

MD Chessie Bay:

May 16, 2009 - Dec. 15, 2009

2 @ 18"- 28" OR

1 @ 18" - 28" and 1 larger than 28"/person/day.

May not possess striped bass while fishing between 12:00 midnight and 5:00 a.m.

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Great... two more weekends to go...( for ME )


How about ocean side? When does that end?

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This is my first fall with a boat. I want to fish in Tangier Sound. Found a nice ledge that just drops off to super deep, like 80ft on the map from really shallow. Was hoping this weekend would give me some calm waters. Crossing my fingers for next weekend. Any of you guys fish in VA Ches around Christmas time? I read my MD liscence is good there. Well, I'll be trying OC inlet tomorrow. I've yet to catch a big one here in MD. NC and MA have been kind to me though. Just want one where i live!!!:dontknow:

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