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Well I gave eels another try. Figured out an easy way to use them. Place them in a small bait bucket. Place that bucket inside a larger bucket, surround with ice. This cools and SLOWS those babies down. I've always hooked them through the mouth. This time howerver, I read a guy in <acronym title="North Carolina">NC</acronym>'s post on another board to hook them through the tail, so i tried it. Hooke them about 1-2 inches up. No balled up eels, all day. They will swim off the end of the line keeping thigs taught. I tied them up to a three way rig with an oval sinker. Just give them a little reel every now and then off the beach to keep them from digging in. I fished them of my boat and found I didn't need a sinker at all, just a swivell and leader. They swim down to the bottom. The drift of the boat keeps them from digging in. They are a lively bait! You'll get a lot of hits. Hoping this weekend to attract a big cow in stripes.

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my eel bucket is a Maxwell House coffee can.(blue with handle) I drilled holes in the bottom to allow the slime out. I zip tied the lid to the bucket so I wont lose it and attached a length of rope to the handle I can attach it to my wader belt. During transport I put this bucket in a larger bucket with ice. I handle them with a rag and hook them through the face. To prevent balls just shake the rod tip and cast no weight unless in very strong current.

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