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With the winds in the Bay being 25-35 knots today I decided to fish ” The Cove ” close to the Hot Ditch off of the Elizabeth River in Chesepeake Virginia. I dropped around 1100hrs and went straight to the cove where I set up anchor and live baited with Spot and Porgy. No weights or bobbers, just casted them out and free spooled. I caught a couple nice Speckled Trout today and kept two up to 23 inches that were gill or gut hooked. It was a gorgeous but breezy afternoon, so this was the perfect place to fish today. Back at the ramp at 1400hrs as the clouds and rain started to roll in. I burned less than a gallon today. Here are some pictures.
















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Its funny that you used the pig fish for bait. Ive never heard of trout being caught at home on them but this year they were by far the bait of choice. Seems that for most of the run they didnt want anything to do with artificial baits in the creeks.

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Nice fish Brian and thanks for the informative pics on hooking up the bait! Love the jet ski setup.

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