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Mother Nature has a way of messing with Capt. Steven. Today started by chasing bait which took longer than normal. White baits were very finicky and spooked very easily. If this occurs turn off live well pumps, gps the radio etc. It took the better part of an hour to fill the live well. It’s about 7:45 am and the fog starts rolling in as the air temperature drops.

Next the rain started, then heavy rain on radar moved right over where I planned to fish. The prudent thing to do was call the client and give them the bad news. Better safe than sorry I cancelled the trip. I hate the disappointment for my anglers as you know they were excited and ready for a great day on the water. At this point I hunkered down under my T top out of the rain. I tossed out a line, grabbed a drink and turned on the radio.

Not a minute had passed and a spotted sea trout took my bait. Next bait same results, keep in mind I am only ½ mile from the marina. Next bait resulted in a 19” gag grouper that hit like a freight train. I started dumping the bait so I could run back to the marina, well all that bait fired up several schools of ladyfish and mackerel.



I could not resist so I went back to fishing with lots of action, trout, mackerel, ladyfish and grouper. So without trying I found a new fun area to fish. While no snook or redfish at this location the action was fun and steady.

Happy Thanksgiving

Capt. Steven

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That is pretty cool that you just kept on fishing... :)

Nice work.

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