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Fished Friday 10am-4, end of high to outgoing. Found a nice deep pocket. Winds NNW 10-15 Fresh alewife. Friend got 3 stripers while I cleaned out all the spiny dogs and skates. One keeper 36"er, rest in the 20s. Fillet worked best, heads not touched.

Fished Saturday 9am-1. Some incoming to high then outgoing. Winds nnw calm then building to steady cold N. Each got a stiper in the mid 20s, no keepers. Got another big spiny dog, and a 19" flounder, all TB. Total 5 stripers, 1 flounder, sharks and skates.

No blues, go figure.

ps: I was a member of another site which seems to have fizzled out. I searched several similar MD/DE surf fishing discussion group sites, and found this one to have the most recent reports etc. I registered and will gladly post my reports here.

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Welcome and thanks for the report ned.

Very good people here.

DMS #525

AMSA #1102


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