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Today’s charter never materialized so I decided to do some basic maintenance. I had just finished applying no slip deck wax when I was approached by 2 guys. Politely they asked if I knew where they could rent a boat. Well after learning what boat rentals cost in the area they asked if I was available to take them out. I explained the winds would limit the areas we would fish but we should catch some nice trout and snapper.

My guys went to pick up something to drink and eat while I got bait. An hour or so later we were underway. The SW wind was blowing right into Tampa Bay so I ran to Ft. Desoto then Tierra Verde. I went to my never fail(well almost) top secret spotted sea trout hole and like clockwork it was fish on. I quickly had my anglers switch from live baits to DOA Glo shrimp and it was game on. Using the wind at our backs we could make long casts to deep potholes that Ft Desoto is famous for. Bumping the shrimp along the bottom slowly, in almost every case the trout will hit the shrimp on the way down so watch your line closely.

Low tide was at 10:30 at 0.0’ with a slow incoming tide my next plan was to focus on canals and deep docks. Stop 2 was also productive as we took several redfish, 5 snapper and a gag grouper. We also managed a giant pinfish that had to be 10”! We worked the rest of the canal catching several more snapper and redfish.

Just 2 weeks ago I would not have run a trip in these areas but with cooler water it’s a new game. Winter winds require you stay in protected areas. Make sure you scout these areas in advance and keep track in your log book.

Dress in layers its very deceptive how cool the mornings are when speeding along the water at 35 mph.

Capt. Steven

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