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Greetings anglers. Can you believe next week is Thanksgiving? Today’s trip you would never know winter is just around the corner with temperatures in the mid to upper 70’s.With one exception Saturday mirrored Fridays trip.




The day started with a bang a large school of truly bruiser size Jacks came right to the boat. These very large Jacks were 15-20 pounds of pure muscle. Next thing you know reels are screaming, the jack off the bow ran 100 yards off line in seconds! Super way to start the day but we were looking for snook and did not find them at this stop.

A quick run up Tampa Bay’s eastern shore did the trick. Snook action was ok but the flounder bite was crazy catching 7 legal size flatties in 30 minutes. Jacks also were plentiful at this stop but nothing the size of what we encountered earlier. The jack bite was nonstop while we took 5 snook in an hour. Real promising was the beautiful juvenile snook and redfish, these beauties will are the future.

I found large schools of mackerel Friday and they were still feeding on glass minnows in the same location today. Silver spoons once again proved deadly as we took mackerel one after another. With redfish and snook landed all we needed was trout to complete the grand slam. Sadly the last stop did not yield any trout although several were hooked none made it boat side.

I gathered bait once again on the grass flats near the Skyway Bridge with 5 tosses of the cast net. Bait should remain plentiful with the outlook for mild days.

Capt. Steven

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