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Fished the base of the CBBT this evening and caught one little legal 18" rock tonight. My first rock of the fall season (helps if ya actually spending some time fishin' for'em :hello:).

Anyhoo the little guy is in the fridge and will be a part of a balanced breakfast in the morning :icon_thumright:

Best local beach striper bite has been at the Lesner in the last 2+ weeks, I just haven't had the chance to really hit it at all :help:

Rock on,

striper skunk off the `bucket

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The Lesner area has been hot for at least two weeks but that was the first time I tried it, two weeks ago. Two weeks ago I found them biting and left them that way taking home a 23 & 34 1/2"er. This morning I only found a half dozen in the washing machine conditions created by the outgoing current and incoming wind-driven waves, nothing a hooded rain coat couldn't take care of but made it hard to find the fish. Took home a pair of 20-21"ers for dinner. Only two days left to find that barely under slot fish to bake for Thanksgiving and go with the turkey so I'll be back.

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