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The call of the wild was calling my name, by 1100 hrs I could’nt take it any more knowing it was flat and calm and a Nor Easter is on its way. I stopped at Pop’s Bait and Tackle in Hampton and bought some live Hermit crabs to compliment what fiddlers I had left. I ran home and dropped in “Ol Blue” my 1998 polaris ski, she still runs great and I averaged over 50 mph each way from my house in Poquoson to the 3rd Island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. A 46 mile round trip took a little less than 30 minutes each way.

The Tide was perfect and slow and the bite was steady. I caught 8 fish in two hours and kept four 17″-19″. I was fishing the first couple of sets of piles from the rocks in 12-20 ft of water. I was back home and all cleaned up by 1700hrs and just finished a fresh fish dinner. I took pictures with my older Panasonic so they are not that great. There is not that much storage on the polaris compared to my Yamaha SUV. Someone abandoned the boat you see, not too far from my house, who knows where it will end up during the upcoming storm.

Another great half day of jet ski fishing and I did not need to be towed this time.











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Nice run with the weather window...howling outside right now! Maybe this will get some of the bigger stripers showing here soon!

Enjoy the tog meat!

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