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I fished the upper bay east of dover today. I had never been chunking before so I decided it was time to give it a try. The bay was flat calm as I headed east towards the fleet. I checked my chart and found a nice looking spot along a dropoff from 12 feet to 26'. I baited up four poles with bunker chunks and heads and began to periodically chum with bunker guts and mullet. Fishing was slow for about an hour until the tide started running hard. Fo r the next three hours I had pretty steady action. First a nice football shaped 24" fish, then a 27" er. Then one of my reels started screaming and I looked over to see it doubled over. I fought the fish for about ten minutes before loosing it at the side of the boat. I'd say it went about forty inches. I had another flurry of action with about ten more fish between 20 and 27". Right before I was ready to leave I finally got a keeper at 29". It was a beautiful day out on the water with lots of action to keep me busy.




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