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I have been searching all week for bunker and have had zero luck. I've got the next cuple of days off and I planned on going fishing-thestripers are calling my name! I FOUND SOME! I've never been there but I called the number at 10:00 tonight and the man who answered was the owner and he told me he's got it! I didnt relize it was so scarce around here because of the storms and winds weve had but he has it. He said he would have it bagged up and ready to go for me. Now idont know but this is the first time I have ever calle a bait shop and been helped so much. The man at CedarCreek Bait And Tackle has my respect and appreciation!

I'g glad I found it and will let everyone know how many big fish I catch

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Welcome to the site:hello:

They usually have bunker, but this fall it's not been the best. He usually gets it from local netters, but the last Nor'easter seems to have chased all the bunker out of the middle and upper bay. He's been one of the few people who have had it recently though.

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