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Alright, this bum is guilty in MD too!

The Mohammad trial comes to an end.

I had to go through town less than 100 yards from the piles of media at the courthouse everyday this was going on, what a mess!

This bum and the boy made a mess of my town and surrounding area that dreadful October.

I was friends with their first victim, Paul, who fortunately lived.

I drove past daily and have filled up at the gas station they killed a woman at.

I shopped at the shopping mall where he put a bullet through a window.

I ate lunch next to the bench where he killed another woman.

And the street where they killed the bus driver.

This whole area became basically locked-down for three weeks.

Helicopters constantly circled overhead with the night sun on our every move and patrol cars cruised our tiny streets shining spotlights in our windows.

The LEOs told us to stay inside and lock our doors.

I kept a gun within two feet of me at all times while at home.

Goodness knows, you can't carry one outside, even if two jerks are killing people.

Stay at home? Forget it, I'm not becoming a prisoner.

So now he is guilty in MD too, go back to VA, rot during your short stay in a pro-execution state and then lights out for you, you bastard.

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damn, you were sooo close to the action. all that mess really effected some of our outdoor activities that whole month. I hope someone (VA or MD) cooks that MO-FO :!:

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