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Hey folks, I got a job in Wilmington, DE and will be relocating to the area in the next couple weeks.

I am interested in surf fishing and am wondering were along the Delaware side of the DE Bay is decent for surf fishing? Using Bowers as a reference, is there any decent surf fishing north of it? If so how far north up the beach is it fishable? Or is it better south of Bowers? If so where does it start being decent?

Is the beach accessible relatively easily along the bay between Bowers and Lewes?

Sorry for the noob questions...if there is somewhere that answers all the noob questions please point me in the right direction. Thanks,


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There are some decent spots to fish N. of Bowers, but most are definitely spring spots.

The Delaware River is good in March and April. New Castle, Dobbinsville, Augustine are hot spots for spring stripers. Use bloodworms.

C&D canal jetty (reeds point?) Woodland beach(pier and beach) and Port Mahon Pier & beach & pickering beach are all N. of Bowers also. A few fish are caught in these areas in the summer and fall.

S. of Bowers is Bennet's pier (no pier just a beach). I've done real well for seatrout in June (when there used to be seatrout). You can catch flounder from the beach in the summer, but most are throwbacks. Broadkill beach is a little further S. I've done well there on just about everything. S. of Broadkill is Roosevelt Inlet and Lewes beach. Both real good shore fishing areas most of the season.There are other beaches bt. Bowers and Lewes but access is somewhat limited.

Your best bet for this time of the year is to fish the ocean beaches from Cape Henlopen to Assateague Island <acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland"><acronym title="Maryland">MD</acronym></acronym></acronym>. The run of big blues and stripers is just getting ready to start. I'd recommend a 12' pole capable of casting at least 6 ounces plus bait. Use circle hooks, fishfinder rigs and bunker chunks or heads.

Make sure you have good sand spikes or hold onto your rod. Blues will drag your rod right into the surf if you are not careful. Larger stripers and smooth doggies can do the same thing.

You'll need a license, a FIN number, and you'll have to pay to get on the ocean beaches.

It won't be long now.

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That is some fantastic info. Glad to hear I'll have decent shore fishing within 1.5 hours of my home. Awesome, thank you so much.

What is a FIN number, how much is a license, and really, you have to pay to get on the beaches? How much? I vacationed in Rehobeth once and surf fished and didn't have to pay. Maybe things have changed.

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You have to pay to get on the beaches at Cape Henlopen State Park, as well as all of the Delaware Seashore State Parks, and Assateague Island <acronym title="Maryland">md</acronym>.( even if you walk on the beach). The Delaware parks stop charging at the end of November (I think) You dont have to pay at Rehoboth or Dewey, but may have to pay for parking. Get a season pass in the spring for the state parks. <acronym title="Assateague Island">AI</acronym> also has a season pass.

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