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Hey guys,

I Just pass to said hello, and learn from the " BIG " brothers.

I fish for anything from the pier and the beach ... but only eat some :angel9:

This year was my first at the salt water, and a real bad year for catch...but it is fishing " fun "... I fish on fresh water from my early years ( probable from 7 or 9 Y-old ), I'm learning a lot by reading, looking, and asking too.

Fishing on Latin-America, fresh water it is a little different, from USA.

But I will learn... One by One... day by day.

If you see a spanish dude with a wife and two girls... It is ME.

Please said hello and pass me the "fishing tip of the day"

Thanks, guys.

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welcome to the site, there are few VA experts here who will help you anyway they can.

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