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AJust got back from a few days in South Nags Head. Fished hard every day, but other than Tuesday, the wind was blowing ridiculously hard out of the North East and fishing was slow( for Me).

Finally, on Tuesday we headed down to Oregon Inlet and drove out,across from the fishing center. Headed north for just a couple of hundred yards from the access. Set up on a promising spot where there was a classic deep trough about 10 yards off of the wash. My friends set up on another spot just south of me. They got the day going pretty quickly with a 20" puppy, and then another smaller one and then a small trout and so on. He had a good run for about an hour. He was throwing a lighter set up and using cut finger mullet and shrimp.

As the low tide started coming back in, Just as the guy at Hatteras Jack said, the bite got going for me. Got a reasonable croaker with the lighter rod first, and then , WHAM! The rainshadow with the Diawa starts going nuts - but the fish clicker did not go that much - and after a brief fight, there it was - my first drum in a couple of years. A 22" pup that had some good color. He ended up in the cooler - the circle hook did a number on his lower jaw underneath. After a little while and a number of bait changes, just as I got the Diawa back in the spike- Wham! there goes the Torium 30 on the repaired Sealine X. Now, that's a bait clicker! ( I swore off bait casters again until I heard that!) That is a rush not easily beaten. After a short bout, #2 was on the beach - a 23" with some healthy shoulders. Man was I fired up! The circle hook did not do the damage on this one, and after having his portrait, taken back to the suds he went. I ended the day( and the trip) with a small blue that was destined to be fresh cut bait. I ended up having a great last day on the surf.

The Puppy bite is on down there with some regularity, and the bigger ones are starting to show up- from the few reports I heard.Also heard the stripped ones are moving in some what .

If you are thinking of doing a last minute trip - check out the Dolphin Motel for reasonable accommodations. It isn't the Ritz by any means, but a very practical place to sleep and set up camp from. Johnny is the guy who owns it and he is a fishing freak( as my kid's call me) like the rest of us. Very nice guy. The motel is in South Nags Head right behind the 7-11 and next to the Comfort Inn.

Peace over and out - see you on the beach!


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