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3rd Annual DMS Invitational

Surf Fishing Tournament Results


1st Place Gary Born 318 Points

2nd Place Acie Mankins 180 Points

3rd Place Andy Twardus 125 Points


1st Place Michelle Chandler 74 Points

2nd Place Leigh Van Laeken 31 Points

3rd Place Cindy Wesley 17 Points


1st Place Vance Atkins 62 Points

2nd Place Maxwell Long 30 Points

3rd Place Corey Lednum 30 Points

• Tie was broken by largest fish

Calcutta Winner Richard Robinson 17” Bluefish $2170.00

Largest Fish Michael Heck 21” Flounder $1000.00

Congratulations to all of the winners.

Thanks to all the anglers who participated in the event, you are all winners.

Thanks to all who made this event possible and successful.

A special thanks to the Tournament Committee members

John Meade

Keith Schmierer

Marge Mood

George Mood

Tournament Director

Floyd T Morton III (Morty)

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