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Yesterday I took some local artist’s – Sharon Judkins, Barbara Webster and James Warwick Jones out on a skiff ride into the marshes of Poquoson.  We also went around some of the local docks so that they could take some pictures.  One of them – Sharon – also took some pictures of our back “yard”.  Today my wife and I went to the Port Warwick Art and Sculpture Festival in Newport News, Virginia.  Sharon was doing a demonstration and the picture she was painting just happened to be of our cove in the back yard.  We were pleasantly surprised!! Sharon is of course our favorite local artist and were impressed as always with her talent.  While we were at the festival I also took some pictures of other local artist’s works – primarily water related since that is obviously my interest! So I thought I would show you Sharon’s painting in the works and some of the other art work.  I especially liked the “dogfish”!  They are disdain of us live baiters in the winter time. 










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Hey I like that stained glass. Do you remember who did it?

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