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Saturday’s trip started in the dark of early morning running the narrow channel from O’Neill’s Marina to the flats adjacent to the Skyway Bridge. The area has been loaded with bait for months. White baits and pinfish are easily attracted by chumming. No exception today as the live well was stuffed full in 15 minutes.

The water temperature has inched back to 84 degrees at 6 am. First stop resulted in several snook over 90 minutes. The good bite we had been on had slowed, reports coming in were not encouraging. Snook and Redfish both were playing hard to get. We decided to jump on the fast and furious Bonita and Mackerel action. These gamesters were also missing in action. Glass minnows the tiny fish both Bonita and Mackerel gorge on where also nowhere to be found.My belief is last weeks hot weather that raised water temps pushed

A quick run to a trout spot had rods bent within seconds. We played with the trout for an hour and decided to change gears. Fifteen minutes later we were on the flats off Pinellas Point. Ricky’s reel screamed and rod bent deeply only to lose whatever it was before we could see it. We had Jacks, Mackerel and Ladyfish keeping everyone occupied.

Tomorrow the plan is to work deeper and cooler water. The morning tide will be outgoing so target ambush areas where snook and redfish will relocate to as the water leaves the flats.



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