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I had an invite to go out on my neighbor Barclay and his Dad’s 28 True World Marine from Salt Ponds In Hampton Virginia. We Departed around 1030 hrs to some breezy 20 knot winds and went straight to Back River Reef. Messed around trying to get the wreck anchor to hold in the three to four footers with no luck, so we headed t another spot. On the way we saw a little bird action so we trolled some small spoons and it it was “fish on” for a couple of hours of fun blue fish action. Next stop was at Thimble Shoal Light where we were able to get the wreck anchor to hold. We live baited with spot for flounder or Striped Bass but only had blue fish bite-offs. Also bottom fished with fresh hard crab and live fiddlers, caught Oystertoads, Sea Bass and Puppy Drum. We had plenty of action even though it was rough out, I only saw one other boat fishing all day. Back at the dock and cleaned up by 1700 hrs. Thanks Barbara, Barclay and Glenn for the great company on a warm 85 degree October day. Here are a couple of pictures from today. 










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Pretty pictures. Thanks Brian!

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