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Tampa Bay is hot! Both the weather and the fishing action. Wednesday morning on the was hot and humid; the only thing hotter was the Bonita action. Most Captains have a circle of other Captains whom they share information with. It’s this type of networking that proves very valuable. Good friend Capt Jim Fesperman of Hook Setting Charters found snook so thick he described it as looking like corded wood stacked high and wide. The location is adjacent to a trout spot we regularly fish and typically don’t expect snook there. Eagle eye Capt. Jim took snook after snook ending the day with super results.

Meanwhile the shipping channel is absolutely loaded with Bonita and Mackerel. At times my anglers actually take a break from catching Bonita 8-12 pounds as their wrists get tired! There are no secrets here just look for the birds diving on what’s left of the glass minnows. Bonita are gorging on glass minnows and will frequently spit them out all over the boat... Bonita are shyer than Mackerel and often will dive deep when you approach, set yourself up current and drift into the action. Often they will pop up right alongside or near the boat. I prefer Clark silver spoons retrieved rapidly, if you get your lure into the boiling frenzy it’s almost a guaranteed hookup. Do not slow your retrieve; trust me you cannot retrieve the lure to fast. From up in my tower I get a bird’s eye view of the speedsters attacking.

Earlier in the day the snook and redfish action was ok, the morning tide was dead low at 9 am and the water didn’t move much before and after. Things perked up as the water started flooding in. Moving water is key for snook, incoming or outgoing tides both work so plan accordingly. Chuming may also be needed to both locate the fish and to trigger the bite.

Remember the sun block, don’t let cooler days fool you.



Capt. Steven

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