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Well Folks, fall is really showing strong this week! A real roller coaster of weather: one day with hot temps and light winds the very next day very windy and rainy and then cool temps. Hey that’s what gets those fall fish biting so we can’t complain too much. With that said lets talk fall fishing!

We’ve had some very good Spanish Mack runs lately. Most of the Spanish are hitting Clark spoons on number one planners, a few fish have hit on top as well. We have also caught some on Fly’s and Marie jigs casting when the Spanish get on top to feed. The Spanish are very nice in size; most fish are two to some over four pounds “nice fall size”. They are biting just off the beach to about two miles off the beach. I don’t know how much longer they will be here with the cooler air moving in; will just have to see!

The Flounder fishing has been good for the most part, on some trips we’ve caught over twelve keeper fish. Most of the Flounder are eating Mullet and Mud minnows on light Carolina rigs. The Flounder are mixed in size to just under keeper size to a few over five pounds. We have caught some Flounder on Artificial baits as well. We have had the best luck with Saltwater Assassin Blurp grubs in molting color and “Chicken on a chain” color grubs. Rig the grubs on a red or black jig head for best results.

Redfish schools are starting to show up in the surf. You can find these schools of twenty to over a thousand Redfish around inlets, outer sand bars and jetties. Once you find these schools there pretty easy to catch if the weather is calm. We cast half once and one once jig heads with five inch Saltwater Assassin jerk shads in colors molting and pearl. You will need a good pair of polarized sunglasses to see these Reds in the surf!

We’ve caught some bigger bull Redfish in and around the local inlets. We are catching Reds in the 24 to over 32 inch range, some days their over the slot some days their in the slot. Most of the Reds around the inlets are hitting mullets and fresh menhaden on Carolina rigs; using heavier egg sinkers with circle hooks 9/0 to 11/0. On some days we have had some luck on Saltwater Assassin Blurp grubs in colors molting and pearl; using heavier jig heads.

And last but Not lest, Speckled Trout are starting to show and bite! The Speckled trout fishing has gotten better and better around this area every year! It looks like it will be the same this year as well; “I Can’t wait, I love Trout fishing”! The best trout bites lately have been on grubs and hard baits, but we have caught some on the good ‘ole live shrimp as well. The best grub colors for us have been; chart-diamond, greenback shiner, chicken on a chain and silver mullet. In the Shrimp pattern colors; clear, bone-diamond and root beer. Rig the grubs and shrimp patterns on a red or black jig head for best results.

Hard lure’s that seem to be bringing the trout to the boat are Mirrolures and X-raps in colors pink, chartreuse, and white. Most of the trout we have caught have been in the creeks and main channels connecting to the ICW and inlets.

The Fishing gear we use:

Reds, Trout and Flounder: Reels Penn Sargus and Conquer spinning in sizes 2000 and 4000. Rods: Ugly stick lites 6’6” and 7’ Med & Med-Heavy. Fourteen pound Berkley Fireline Crystal. Bull Redfish: Penn spinning reel 760L (Live Liner) and Penn Torque 100TRQ. Rods: Penn Torque 6’6” 30-80 class spinning and Torque 6’ 80-130 casting. Line: forty pound Spider wire Ultracast.


Don’t forget take a kid fishing and good fishing to ya,

* Our prayers are with the family of the young man who died working on a boat at a local marine dealership.

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