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Been teasing Sam about finding a fish head in the back of his Jeep. Well, I got to quit doing it.....

Sunday afternoon/evening I took some friends to hear the Traveler Blues in an outdoor event.

Ya got to bring your own chairs.

I have this one folding setup that goes out to two chairs with a canvas table between and a mesh net under that.

Well, one of the girls goes to put something in the mesh and pulls out something.

She says "What is this?" I look over from about 5' and couldn't tell.

Finally (about 3 seconds later) she screams "It's a fish head!!!" and drops it.

She then kicked it a few rows up and we enjoyed watching people's reaction when they walked by it or stepped on it. Made a nice crunching sound.

Last time I used that chair was two years ago so the head was drying for awhile.

Sam, you're off the "hook" now....

Pun intended..

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Gotta love dead animal or parts stories. Reminds me of the time I had a dead squirrel in the back of my truck for a week. It was cold, so it stayed frozen, but still funny, my prissy ex-wife's mother was horrified when she found out there was a dead squirrel in a vehicle in her driveway. :mrgreen:

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:lol: thats some funny chit :!:

I don't recall having anything dead or smelley left in any of my vehicles, maybe some old sneakers :lol: :lol:

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