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I started work today way early so I finished early and dropped the ski at Rudee Inlet around 1000hrs. I had heard the Spot bite was good and I was not let down. I caught about fifty and kept thirty five in about an hour. Doubles almost every drop on Fishbites bloodworm  in about 10 ft  just beyond the jetties. Saw Tony and Jamie loading up the live well for Striped Bass season. I then ran offshore of Vrginia Beach and worked the bouys for cobia with no luck.

The water was nice and flat so I decided to hit the Chesapeake Light Tower. I dropped live croaker,spot and jigged all aroung the tower with no takers. Then I jumped in and speared one Spadefish and saw a couple Jacks down deep. On the way back I saw a lot of bait and dolphins so I took a couple pics. Back at the dock 1530. Had a great day. 42 miles and 9.5 gallons.










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Nice work!! I actually saw you exit the inlet. I was fishing

from shore at 5th ave. i moved down to the inlet area but still caught nothing. what is the secret to catching fish down here LOL.

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When I was marking fish, I was catching fish. The school was right off of the mouth of the inlet. I had a friend that was slowly catching them and then moved over the school and was nailing them.

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