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fished sandbridge just north of the condos friday night till about 830am saturday morning.

three small sand bar sharks early in the evening. then nothing all night till it got light and then the ocean came to life, birds diving, bait jumping and lots of bluefish. borught home several to eat going to 2.5lbs.

had one short quick run early in the evening but that was it.

did have a great lightning show all night long.

bait was fresh spot and not so fresh bunker.

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We got lucky and blind squirreled another big red when PlaynHooky released a 52" citation Red Drum caught from Sandbridge Beach Saturday evening Oct. 3rd. Robert is VCAN's Hampton Local Rep., and this was his only second time surf fishing for big reds during the fall migration down the oceanfront. Robert being a boat Captain kind of guy with Reel Escape Charters, I figured I'd see if I could help hook him up from the sand.

Turns out he did fine on his own landing a big from the sand which was caught on a fresh cut piece of spot that I bombed as far as I could off the beach with my 12'6" Rainshadow 1509 surf rod and Daiwa SHV 30 reel.

The fish was a screamer out of the sand spike that had him bowed up and headed for the horizon. Ten minutes later he worked the fish back over the bar, thru the breakers, and up onto the beach. The 10 ought Owner circle hook was quickly removed, the fish measured, photographed, and successfully released to fight another day.

Outside of one good bite the weekend of Sept. 26th where we landed some from the beach while Little Island Pier in Sandbridge released some 25 fish over that three day period (25th-27th), the fall run of reds down the oceanfront has been somewhat slow so far. Pretty much a fish landed here or there amongst the usual small sharks, skates, and rays. I have heard they have been burning up the reds at Cape Point in Buxton, NC of late drawing some of our Virginia surf fishermen that way.

I'll continue to fish my own back yard for now :glasses2:

beach `bucket

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