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We started out Friday morning with Joel from SWE.

Joel was gracious and professional, and sporting a beautiful Yellowfin 24.6!

We headed out to play with some rolling Tarps, never having stalked them, it was very educational learning how to sight-fish.

Then we moved out to the bowl and we both pulled in 7' Lemons, alas, the other half of the party brought in a bigger one, but only slightly bigger. That elusive Bull remains elusive...

We moved over to another site to play with the Snappers, I brought a fat Mutton to the boat. Then to the bridge shadows for some larger Tarps. Within five seconds of the Pilchard hitting the water, I was slammed and broke off. Obviously it was bigger than we expected.

Then off to the flats to look for dem Bones. Nothing sighted and we were already 30 minutes over our time slot. We came back to this spot in the yaks the next day and stayed four hours playing with 'Cuda and those dadburn Nurse Charks....

All in all, it was a great trip out with SWE and Joel.

I learned a few nice spots and techniques and got to spend time with a great host from SWE.

After the trip, I spoke with Rich Tudor for a short bit. He (as Joel did) told me about the tournament for kids at BPS on Sunday.

We stopped by and were quite impressed with the effort put out for the kids, it was great! Richs little one scored some poundage as did the crew on Joels boat.

It was a fun weekend and ended with good conversations with Joel and Rich.

I highly recommend these folks, they are great! :icon_thumleft:

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