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Friday morning:

Went out with Saltwater Experience on a nice Yellowfin 24.6.

Found some rolling Tarpon in the mangroves and bridge shadows, along with a FAT Mutton. Had a huge Tarp come unglued and spit the hook.

Then went out to the bowl and chummed up a couple of nice 7' Lemon Sharks. Only took about 15 minutes to get 'em to the boat.

Then we went cruising for dem Bones.

Just missed the window for them, 'Cuda were in thick.


Set off in the yaks and did a complete lap around Duck Key. Went out to the island in the harbor and set up shop for 4 hours. Couldn't keep shrimp on the hook because of the needle fish tearing it up. So I put one of them on the hook and a small 'Cude slammed it.

Darn Nurse Sharks were wearing me out so I drifted in the main channel for Snapper. Didn't have small enough hooks so I lost every one of them.

All in all, a nice weekend with LOTS of yak time.

Mullet are all over the place where I'm at now on Amelia Island, gonna' head out and play a bit today.

Pics later...

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