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I had an invite from Mike Avery “Fish Dad” to go off shore fishing yesterday so I did not want to pass up the opportunity with the good weather forcast to get out there. We departed South Hall Landing in Hampton on Mike’s 29′ Hydrasports at 0430hrs with fellow anglers – Bob “Ware Fisher”, Dr. Ike and Doug of Fredricksburg. Headed straight to Norfolk Canyon and worked the edges of the canyon in a good temperature break that has been there for the last couple days. We went zero for eight on the white marlin. Had one that hooked up and gave us a good air show and came off. I had a good hook up and played tug of war for about 30 minutes with a big fish that almost spooled me and came off within sight of the boat. We think it was maybe a big eye based on how it acted. We also caught a couple really small tuna , could’nt find a keeper though. Middle of the day we ran a little further North and fished around the charter fleet, had a couple knock downs but no takers. Late in the day we bottom fished a couple drifts in 600 feet of water and caught a nice rosie and a small barrell fish. Doug also hooked into a big ray that took about 20 minutes to bring up from the bottom. It was monster and he probably felt like he was reeling in an anchor before it broke off at the surface. Arrived back at Hampton around 1900 hours. I had a great time, thanks Mike! Here are some pictures from our trip.







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The news on channel 10 had a nice report on the bite last weekend at the canyon, it should be repeated at 11 tonight.

Sounds like we missed the best bite for white's in a long time.

There's allways tomorrow!

Brian you can't beat a day offshore!

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