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Sunday the bite only got better on Tampa Bay’s eastern shores. Bait once again was stupid! Imagine white baits covering 100’s of feet dimpling on the surface. Even a poor toss of the cast net will get all the bait you will need. My one toss was good and I actually had too many types of bait and returned some as to not overstress the scaled sardines. With threadfins you have to be even more cautious.

On the way to our first stop we found Spanish mackerel schools on the way, we quickly tossed silver spoons into the action and it was game on. Hook up after hook up until the we got tired of catching Mackerel and got back on track hunting snook and redfish.

Mirroring Saturday’s trip we found the bite even better. More quantity but no big bruisers like to two 35” snook the previous day. Tactics were basic; we tossed free lined scaled sardines and cut bait on a knocker rig. Use the lightest weight possible, the tide will dictate how much you need. I like to keep the cut bait in one spot letting pinfish rip it up and cause a commotion which Redfish like.

Late in the trip we chummed very heavy to see what would happen and all hell broke loose! First it was Jacks behind the boat then snook started popping all along the mangroves with the outgoing tide. Multiple hooks was the theme, snook 20-24” were going ballistic. One of the wildest reactions to chum by snook that I had ever seen.

On the way back to the Marina we took a few minutes at Pinellas Point looking for sharks. What we found was another school of small Jacks which are always fun.

I have several night trips this week so I am all fired up with both day and night fishing hot. Stay tuned for details.

Capt. Steven



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