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Has anyone been on the river lately ? North east winds have been forcing me to look for new places for me to feed my addiction ! Still to warm for the ditch water in there was 87 degrees at last count so nuthin in there. Rumour has it there is some catch and release fishing for stripers around the gilmrtn but I havn't checked it out really looking forward to Fall :disgust::disgust: holla back Marsh duck

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Toad man,

i hope you had a good summer, and your right the cold weather can't get here soon enough for some. it's funny you ask, i started to get the itch and went out there last week and tried the ditch area with little luck. i caught two small small trout that were probly local fish but that was all for four hours of fishing. i laso went out sat night for the strippers and caught a couple, 3 fish. so i went back out sunday night and didn't catch a fish, it's hit or miss. caught all strippers at the gilmerton, i also tried the steel bridge both nights and didnt get a bite. i was looking back at pictures from last year and the earliest i could find were we had fish from the ditch in them were from 10th of october. so it's getting realy close. hopefully this year we can get out together for a few days of fishing. i'll keep you posted as it heats up!!!!!

have you been having any luck else where this summer???

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