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Water was warmish, nice to be in it still, hope it holds the temp for a bit longer.

Paddled out about 200-300 yards, felt great out there under the moonlight, smooth and quiet.

Lots of bait fish moving around, couldn't see 'em in the dark though.

Turned around to grab the 8Nbait only to realize I dropped it at the surf break. (thanks for finding it Sam) :oops:

Fished with Sam, family and friends.

Some small Spot and Croaker, bait-sized only.

Good to see ya'll again, hope the water is still warm next time.

I just GOT to see what this new 115 will hold on to!

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It was good to see you again. The water was very nice last night. I kayaked for a good hour and even tried some fishing with rod and reel for a while outside the second bar. The water was SOOO clear I could see to the bottom in 9' of water. Alexis and I even saw some dolphins swimming around our kayaks breifly! Absolutely beautiful as usual on the isle. At night, I saw a lot of phosphorus in the water. Every stroke with the paddle lite up litte microscopic lights. It was unreal.

Like Steve said, we managed a few small kings, croakers and spot. I had some freinds from high school join us and they had a blast. The bugs were not bad at all.

Steve, I can't wait to see you get ahold of something with that reel! It is awesome!

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