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A little change of pace is always nice when it comes to fishing. A friend of mine Yale McNeill invited me to fish in the lake just across the street from his home on the southern edge of Jacksonville with him and his daughter Leila.

He had told me it really didn’t matter about the time of day because he catches Bass anytime he feels like grabbing a reel and walking less than a hundred yards. How nice is that! I would never get anything done around the house if I could step across the street and catch Bass on just about anything you threw at them…

His daughter Leila is quite the young angler and had no problem catching fish. Most of the fish we caught were in the pound and a half range but lots of fun. Yale has caught large mouth up 8 pounds in the lake so you know there are some nicer fish in there.

It’s always good to see big numbers of smaller fish so you know that they are thriving in that lake…

I haven’t fresh water fished in a while so I rounded up a few different baits to try. To be honest with you I don’t think it mattered. We caught fish on spinner baits 10 inch grape worm which we all know is classic large mouth bait and the trusty minus-1 crank bait.

The little crank bait was the most productive bait and it even caught two Bass on the same cast… it’s hard the believe two fish can get hooked on that small of a bait but it happened. One on the front hook and one on the back hook. That’s the way you turn a pound and a half fish into a 3 pound fish!!!

It was a great little adventure for me and I had no boat to clean when I got home!

Thanks again Yale and Leila and I look forward to doing it again in the near future.




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