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Been getting out a bit lately, now that I have the bottom painted and got the boat back.

Spot are good size, even pan size, they are scattered all over, got to search for them.

Got out Tuesday from about 3pm until dark.

The weather was pretty snotty, wind, rain, 3-4' rollers with white caps.

Live-lined Spot and butterflied 'em, nothing hitting...

Called it a night as the sun fell out of the sky.

Wednesday: Wind was kicking up, waves all over the place.

Used the Spot from the live well, still no takers.

Got too rough, water kept plowing in the transom well and it got a little shaky trying to stand on the aft deck.

Called it a day (early) and went back to do some more work on the boat.

I'll be back out Tuesday, froze the leftover Spot (about 20 of 'em) and will catch a few live to use in conjunction with the dead ones (chunks).

Still looking for suggestions for Blues in the Solomons area, if anyone has 'em....

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I fished in solomons yesterday, I fish in between the small channel. Great size white perch and spot. Also caught a puffer fish there.

If you are looking for good size blues 15+ inches you need to head to cove point beach. I am smack dab in the middle of cove point and drum point beach wise and all I catch are 10 inch blues, small croaker, small spot and white perch. Too many skate to count.

I did see a rock fish patrolling the sand bar at my beach but he wouldn't hit on anything (I was using cut spot and blood worm). Also saw a baby red fish today.

I'll be heading down again tomorrow afternoon and I'll let you know how it is. Your best bet for blues are in the channel just right outside drum point in a boat.

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Welcome to the board!

Nice to have ya with us!

PM sent....

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