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Hello folks, I hope everyone is well and enjoying the cooler weather we have had lately. I have not really liked the stiff Northeast wind from it, but I like the cool morning temps. The cooler weather has really started to change the fishing in good way! The fall mullet run has started and with that the fishing has really picked up in the last few weeks! Let’s go over all that in this fishing report>>>

Flounder have been a big part of our charters lately. We are catching numbers and there size is getting better too! We’ve caught a few Flounder in the last two weeks over five pounds. Most of the action is coming off grubs, in shrimp and sea shad patterns. The shrimp pattern is a new one I’ve just started to use. It’s made by Berkley power bait and it’s a 3” Rattle Shrimp in colors watermelon red gltr & pearl white. I think these are going to be a big hit for Flounder, Redfish and trout. In the sea shad’s Saltwater Assassin’s in colors chicken on a chain and chart-diamond. We’re rigging the sea shads with 1/4oz red jig heads.

We are also catching the Flounder on Carolina rigs with live mullets. Now that the mullets are everywhere it’s very easy to catch all you need for a day of fishing. The Carolina rigs we are using for Flounder fishing are very simple. Hook is a EC L42 1/0, leader fifth teen to twenty inches of forty pound mono and an ¾ to one oz egg sinker. We are pulling the rigs across the bottom very slowly; so that the rig stays on the bottom. If it comes off the bottom; slow down your pull or go with a heavier egg sinker. Take your time; it takes patience to catch Flounder!

My charters have had some great early Redfish morning and late afternoon bites. We are fishing mud flats and oyster flats in creeks and along the ICW. Top water plugs like the Rapala skitter-walk have done very well. Rattle and popping corks with live mullets have been working great! The best rattlin’ corks for me have been the Saltwater Assassin’s “Kwik-cork” this is one of the loudest corks on the market. When the water has been a little stained form rain water we are catching some Reds on spinner baits.

There are some Bull Reds starting to show up in the ocean on hard bottoms and around the inlets. You never know when you might hook one of these big fish might bite. When we try to catch these Bulls, we use fresh cut or live menhaden. We use fish finder rigs with 9/0, 10/0 and 11/0 circle hooks, keep your drag tight and the circle hooks will do there job.

There has been a few Trout starting to show up around. Most that we have found are in the creeks and channels running along the drop offs to deeper water. The trout that we have caught are hitting grubs in colors Chart. Diamond and sliver mullet and red jig heads. Hard baits getting the luck are Mirrolures redhead silver body and green back white belly. South of Wrightsville we are having some very good days with the Specks. Fishing on good days has produced twenty or more specks! Fall weather will equal more good fishing!!

Thanks so much for reading this report, if you would like a guided fishing charter; give me call or drop me a line. Don’t forget take a kid fishing and good fishing to ya!

Fishing gear we use:

Gear used: Redfish, Flounder and trout: reels Penn Sargus SG2000 and SG4000 Rods: Ugly Stick Lite 7'0" Med light and Med act. Line: Fire Line crystal in 10 and 20 pound test. Bull Redfish: Penn spinning reel 760L (Live Liner) and Penn Torque 100TRQ. Rods: Penn Torque 6’6” 30-80 class spinning and Torque 6’ 80-130 casting. Line: forty pound Spider wire Ultracast.

Captain Jot Owens

Ranger Boats and

Pure Fishing Pro Staff

Wilmington North Carolina Guided Fishing Charters Wrightsville Beach <acronym title="North Carolina">NC</acronym> Inshore Fishing Boats




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Thanks for the post very imformative, I'm having a hard time hooking up with some flounder, i cant find any pictures of the carolina rig that you mentioned in your post. you wouldnt happen to have a picture of what the rig looks like i would greatly appreciate it.

thank you in advance.

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Here is a photo of the carolina rig, the hook is a Eagle Claw L042-1/0 Lazer Sharp Wide Bend. This is hands down one of the best Redfish and Flounder hooks on the market! If you need more info please let me know!


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thank you for your help i can't wait to get out and try this new found info

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