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Beautiful weather and sunny days have led to perfect fishing conditions here along the Nature Coast of Florida. This perfect weather scenario couldn’t have come at a better time either. Here along the Nature Coast our major Redfish run and Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and Bonita invasion occurs during weather brakes from August-October. Currently all signs are pointing to a record setting September with huge numbers of giant Reds being taken on a regular basis during most fishing charters in the Crystal River and Homosassa areas. And to make a great fishing option even better our Spanish Mackerel and Bonita invasion is taking place just a few miles away from our main Redfishing grounds.

Every year from August-September during our strong full and new moon tides the Crystal River area becomes a staging area for millions of glass minnows, scaled sardines and whitebait. When all of this bait/food comes rolling in you can guarantee most swimming predators are aware of this. First you will notice 100’s of dolphins swarming the local flats, then you will notice tons of birds feeding on some of the deeper flats, then finally the ever present sky rocketing fish or in our case 100’s of sky rocketing fish help to let you know where the feeding frenzy is taking place. Within these feeding frenzies you can find all the Spanish Mackerel, Bonita, Redfish, and Speckled Trout you can handle. This is an awesome way to fish because everything is so visible. The bait is on the surface and the fast swimming predators feeding on the bait will jump as high as 10ft out of the water to catch their food. There is nothing like throwing a spoon or fly threw a feeding frenzy only to watch it disappear in the midsts of 100’s of fast feeding fish.

During my last few charters I have called upon my fly fishermen for some fun and exciting battles with Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Jack Crevalle, and Bonita. During a recent trip with Jon Bloch of Gainesville we managed to land over 50-60 Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish and Jacks on Fly during our 4 hour trip. To make things even more interesting most of these fish ranged from 2-6 pounds and were found in schools ranging from 4-7 acres big. The next day I had the opportunity to fish with Steven Reddrick and his crew from Georgia. The 3 anglers from his crew have never threw a fly rod in their lives but with fishing as good as advertised I managed to put each of these anglers on between 10-18 fish a piece respectfully.

With so many fishing opportunities available here in the Crystal River area it has been tough to put together a reasonable game plan. Everyday provides something different for my anglers. One day it’s massive schools of Macks, Jacks, and Bonita, the next day its massive schools of Reds and Trout. What ever fishing action you may be looking for now is the time to look for it. The Nature Coast of Florida still remains unspoiled and provides anglers from all over the world fishing opportunities that can be found no where else in the world.

So if long drag screaming runs and unforgettable fights is what your looking for give Red Hot Fishing Charters a call today.

Captain Kyle Messier

(352) 634-4002


Red Hot FIshing Charters - Captain Kyle Messier

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