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A little break in the water clarity last week made for a great Flounder gigging trip… It’s been a while since the water has been clean enough that I could gig any area I wanted to and it paid off for Phil Baker and my self.

Perfect tide from 2am to 6am last Thursday and the Flounder were laid up. In less than 3 hours Phil and I had our limit of 20 Flounder. Not a lot of big ones yet but we picked thru them and got a box of solid Flounder.

Not only did we see at least 40 Flounder but the Red fish were every where. You can’t gig a Red fish but you can go back to those areas where you saw them and fish for them. They will usually stay in those same spots for a while.

Needless to say but I have been eating a lot of fresh Flounder lately! The over size Reds are also starting to show up in the river and should be even better by October. The larger Trout are in the River and there are plenty of Jacks and Lady Fish under the birds…

The Reds of all sizes from 10 inches to 25 inches are in the creeks and eager to eat. This is a great time of year these next few months in Jacksonville Florida so get out there and go fishing! Call and book now while there is still availability.

Capt. James Howard inshore charter fishing Jacksonville Florida

(904)651-9557 Jacksonville Fishing - Inshore Charters Go Fish Jax



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