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Wednesday, lower Pax inside the big bridge:

All the medium to large Spot you want.

Took 'em on top/bottom rigs tipped with corn on one, and blood fishbites on the other hook.

It often took a little jigging to entice them.

Mouth of the Pax across to the Shoals:

FF painted lots of bait, but nothing large.

Saw a Striper in 80 degree water.

It was on the top and wouldn't take Gulp or top water plugs.

It look very diseased, in very bad shape, but then again, it also looked like it had been down the throat of a Dolphin....

It was so bad that it could have been a Blue all messed up!

Glassed a few miles and didn't see any top action.

Sure wish I could find something to use the Spot for....

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