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Had another of our Wed Bonito, Albies, Spanish Mackerel Light tackle Trips...

Eric the Mortgage Man, Bob Bates, Henry ,Tommy, Spence and Willie Reelerin...

Had Friends Tell me they were getting alot of False and Skip Jack while tuna fishing... Nice to have good friend thanks Guys...

So that was the plan Falsies and Skip Jack with a chance of a tuna sounded great to everyone...

Headed out and on the ride out the wind just started honking more and More another blown forecast... was pretty dunpy when we got to the grounds...

Read a little life... see big schools of rays... Put it on a drift and we few had Big false albacore and skipjack on pretty quickly burning up the light spinning rods.

Went back and dropped the hook... started chunking spearing and sardines...

Had Big falsies and a few Skip jack on pretty regularly...

Then came a Real drag screamer our first tuna a keeper yellowfin... Nice dont remember the last time i seen them inshore but the Guys have Been catching the lately.... Few Minutes later another keeper Yellowfin... Both on light tackle Spinning setups... so it was an awesome fight that took some time!!!

It Slowed up as we had a shark in the slick... hooked a skippy fillet and the shark was on... Battled him But he broke off... But at least he left us alone

Back to doing battle with multiple hooks at a time on drag screaming Fat Alberts darting through the slick!!!

A little lull ...Then the Yellowfin came through again!!! Hooked Up two more Cookie Cutter Yellowfins landing both... Again after a Timely battle on spinning gear...

Now the albies are Going Crazy... Quick hooks Right near the boat...

Then Willie Hooks Up with some bigger on his Spinning rod... The battle goes on for quite some time... before catching a glimpse... Def bigger... Gain some lose some...After 45 minutes and a great fight Willy Brings up a Nice 40lb+ bluefin Tuna on his spinning rod... Congrats Willy

We had heavier gear on the boat but the guys stuck it out with the light stuff making it all even better!!!

Ocean Flattened Out and the ride home was great!!!

Tuna, lots of False Albacore and skips jacks...Nice day, GREAT LIGHT TACKLE ACTION!!! Good to see the tuna a little closer to home!!!

Thanks Again Guys






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