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Had an all star cast... Smokey Joe, Greg Vongas, Matt Avid, Jigama Joe, Cool Hand Al and Will...

Was Hoping the bite would bounce Back as we had No bites in the ocean the day before...

Headed to the sticky stuff and was very happy when we caught our first Shorts and a Nice 4 lb Keeper!!!

Never really could get a steady bite going but we would pick a keeper or short here n there along with a few shorts...

Water was very dirty still but we were managing to put some keepers in the box despite the terrible bite...

Stopped south on the way home in some cleaner water and we picked up 6 more keepers to 6 lbs...

To our surprise a Barracuda grabbed a bucktail on the way up... Nice odd catch for 60ft in <acronym title="New Jersey"><acronym title="New Jersey">nj</acronym></acronym>!!!

Congrats to Joe Main Monger Jigmaster for landing his LIMIT of fluke on such a slow day... Matt had 5 keepers, breaking his streak but he probably would have it if not for sabotage ... Everyone managed to get on the board and box a few!!!

By days end our total catch was 21 keeper Fluke and a couple seabass... Not so Bad considering!!!




Fun Day Thanks Again!!!

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