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Captain David, Captain Paul,

Thanks for a great day fishing. My sons and I will treasure the experience and the memories for a long time.

My sons and I just wanted to spend the last day of our vacation together, so we signed up for an afternoon on Lady Pamela II. We were just happy that the water was calm, and hoping to catch a few fish and spend a relaxing afternoon before heading home. Thanks to the experience of the crew, who knew just where to go, and what bait to use, and how to fish for the trophies, we had an action-filled afternoon, landing about a dozen nice-sized fish, and losing one to a shark and another to a school of porpoises. But the highlight of the afternoon was the two trophy sailfish that we hooked. They were so majestic, and fought so valiantly, and occupied the entire crew and all five of us who were fishing ... making way for the trophies as they swam all around fighting for all their worth. The clear blue sky and the deep blue sea and brilliant Florida sun reflected off the sailfish as it swam and leaped from the water, causing us all to admire their beauty and their fight. We all learned with the first fish that sportfishing is a team sport, everyone taking turns reeling in and landing fish, and clearing the deck whenever someone else hooked a trophy. And we also enjoyed the more leisurely fishing over the shipwrecks after several hours of trolling with the outriggers. If you're looking for an incredible sportfishing experience, I highly recommend Captain David and Captain Paul and the Lady Pamela II. Just don't go out there expecting too much relaxation, since you'll be too busy reeling in all the kingfish, bonita, blackfin tunas and sailfish. The shark got away this time, but I know where we'll be going on our next sportfishing trip, right back out on Lady Pamela II.

Again thanks for a great day of sportfishing, and we'll be back to catch that damn shark next year!

Greg F.


Tight Lines!

Captain David Ide



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