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I am thinking it may be windy this weekend so I took the day off and went fishing. I ran to Pop’s bait and tackle in Hampton and was happy to see them up and open at 0530, got a couple eels and ran to Messick boat ramp in Poquoson. I dropped there and made it to the York Shipping Lanes in the middle of the bay before sunrise. I threw eels at six sets of bouys with no cobia coming up to greet me good morning so I headed to the third and fourth island of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. There I caught several throw back flounder, sea bass, croaker and oyster toads, I also managed a couple keeper Spades. I ran the bouys again on the way back in and caught one small 34 inch cobia about a hundred yards off of a bouy. I also saw Capt. Ben in the baltimore Channel looking for his 200th Cobia of the year, what a cobia catching machine he has become. I made it back to Poquoson at 1430, ran 46 miles on the Jet Ski and burned 9.0 gals. Another day well spent.

Here are some pictures.









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