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as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers said "...and the waiting is the hardest part..."!

The first few named storms of the year, college football, and the NFL preseason, all part of that time of year.

It's usually about this time every year, where my anticipation builds for the next several weeks. The cobia, kings and a very few elusive tarpon patrolling the waters waiting for their sign to begin the mirgration back south. Seems I wait for that NE blow and slight temp drop which will flip the switch and start it all. Yellow bellies filtering out of the rivers and bay, along with schools of mullet in the shallows trying to make the escape as well.

While I would love to hook on one of the fish named above, but my true passion lies with the hunt for reds. Pups, slots, yearlings and then the running of the bulls.

Time to make some rigs, clean up the rods, put on some new line and begin to scout the beach. You never know where a new hole may pop up with these storms and one of these may just be the ticket. Sand replenishment here has made it nice for the tourists, but not so nice from a structure standpoint from the beach targeting reds. Last year a challenge as every year is, but definately a tougher one.

My prediction for this year is a later than usual start unless we get a weather change, but the bait I have seen the past few weeks has been a welcome sight from what I have seen in the past.

Time to gear up ladies and gentlemen as the fun is just around the corner. :icon_syda:

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A lot of big reds have shown up at the latimer shoals already. The best spot i know of is also a well known flounder hole off the ES a bit north. That's all I'm going to say, I'll be killed if i continue.

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I aint talking about from a boat...talking about catching em with yer feet in the sand...!

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