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Saturday we ran a day trip looking for a mixed bag. It was funny getting bait; our first stop at the Skyway Bridge resulted in a net full of Threadfins you would not believe. I have never had so many baits in the net before, it weighed a ton. Bad news as these were not the desired bait so I released them. It took running back to the flats to get white bait and pinfish. With the right bait finally onboard we headed to Tampa Bay’s eastern shoreline.

Fishing deeper flats at low tide resulted in Bluefish, Ladyfish and Mackerel. Surprisingly no trout. Once we moved into the shallows we found snook and numerous snapper. The water was very murky a direct result of all the rain we have had. The snapper were attacking baits even on the surface. The Mangos were all keepers and appeared well fed. Best bait were chunks of Threadfins cut into 3rds. Let the bait soak and hand on. Pinfish will start pecking the bait which in turn fires up the snook.

Later in the morning we moved back to the Ft. Desoto looking for redfish. The school I have been working were nowhere to be found but trout were eager to take frisky white baits. The wind from the WSW blew harder than I would like making sight fishing a challenge.

We also found Mackerel at both the North and South Skyway Bridges. Any live bait tossed into the frenzy was immediately attacked.

Small sharks both Black tip and Bonnet head are easily targeted off Pinellas Point. Drop a chum bag or cut threadfins into 3rds and chum. It won’t take long so be ready.30 pound fluorocarbon leader with a 2/0 circle hook will get the job done.

Capt. Steven

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