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We continue to fish under the stars with good to very good success. Snook & Trout that are too sluggish during the day wake up and are looking for dinner at night. Would you want a big meal during the day? Think about it? Just like us our metabolism is slow during the day. I know personally that I often do not eat on charters during the day and only want water. Once I am home and things have cooled down I put the feedbag on.

Last night was another solid evening of snook 20-25” and trout 14-18” . We did see numerous Slobs but never connected. I would have loved to have had a few pinfish for bait.

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If you are going to fish noon to 5 pm adjust your tactics. Fish deeper where the water is cooler. Drop offs near the flats will be home to redfish that will chew in the heat. Docks and rocky areas will hold snapper that will also chew during the day. Another fun mid day option is chasing Mackerel in the Egmont ship channel. Just scan the horizon for diving birds and you will locate Mackerel tearing apart balls of bait. Toss a silver spoon into the school and reel as fast as you can. Action will be fast and furious! Never stop the lure until you are back at the boat, if you do the Mackerel will turn away.

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If I have small children onboard it’s easy to find large pinfish that offer quick action for small attention spans. Freshwater anglers I can only describe as large pinfish as a crappie or bluegill on steroids. Another mid day feeder are sharks, I know most experts say early morning and dusk but I find or local Black tip and Bonnet head shark population will chew no matter how out.

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Cumulus clouds are beautiful and provide shade during our hot <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:place w:st="on"><st1:PlaceName w:st="on">Tampa</st1:PlaceName> <st1:PlaceType w:st="on">Bay</st1:PlaceType></st1:place> summers. When they turn into Cumulonimbus clouds you need to pay close attention. Thunderstorms are very common especially in the afternoons in Capt. Steven’s region. At On The Mark Charters it’s always safety first. Key an eye on the skies, listen to the weather channel on your radio. Take action early as these storms are very fast calm water and change in minutes with the winds that accompany these storms.

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Capt. Steven

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