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We have birds nests everywhere,,,I was enclosing our rear porch but never finished it yet (fishing) and was getting ready to clean up when I found a nest underneath cushions that I had piled up on a chair,,, mom escapes thru the gap underneath the storm door I had installed.

we then have a robins nest right along the driveway.

2 houses down right along the road, there is a rotten tree with a wood peckers nest.

and as I was working in the backyard tonight, I came across this bird,,,I am not sure if it was wild,,,you could pet the darn thing, very strange,,,she flew fine from tree branch to tree branch, but seemed very tame, she had no problem with me petting her,,,any idea what kind of bird?






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Scott, that is too cool! I wonder if someone had been feeding it or it was a pet?

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