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I'm new to the HHI/Bluffton area and don't know much about salt-water fishing. What types of fish are in the Broad Creek during the fall and what is the best type of bait to use?

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Find somewhere to launch your yak and head north into the creek. You may be able to launch from one of the marinas off Hilton Parkway.

Buy some shrimp on the mainland for bait.

You could find Reds, Trout and some other stuff up in there.

HH Island is not fishing friendly, don't expect to find much of anywhere to fish from shore.

Another place to try, with deeper water is before you get to HH.

Along rt278 after the first bridge, you'll come to Land End Dr on the left.

Turn right into the parking lot and go down the dirt road on the east. It will take you right to where you can throw the yak in.

Be cautious of currents though, may want to go in the back area above the bridge.

Welcome to the forum, enjoy your trip and let us know about it so others may learn from your experiences.

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