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I need some help

I do lots of surf fishing in southern jersey

heading to VA beach with the family.

want to hit the beach with gear

couple of questions.

any and all info is appreciated

1. do I need a license, will be in town 5 days?

how much?

2. what are "in" off the beach, and what type bait do I need. I lik eto throw bait vs artificials.

3. where do i fish that is close to v beach?

i hear Sandbridge? where at? I am looking to AVOID CROWDS and absolutely no pier fishing!


if so where..I am not asking to give up spots just some places wife can lay on beach and I may catch a fish?!

where do I get bait and what?

I know this is alot..any and all info is great

much respect and appreciation


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Yes you need a saltwater license..you can buy a 5 day.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge is your best bet to fish and stay away from crowds (no swimming allowed). $5 per day or $15 for the duck stamp (whole year).

Back Bay has two trail which lead to the beach...get on the beach and find a hole.....

Otherwise, you can fish the south end of little island park down from the pier as there is a fishing area.

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