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Sunday, the Kingfisher had two trips that were typical live bait trips for big stripers. The past two weeks have been phenominal fishing with the live bait cooperating as well as the many big striped bass that have taken up residence in the eastern end of Long Island Sound. Sunday morning the Wooten group of five easily limited out on stripers from 35" to 47". Throw a half a dozen blues in the mix and you have a banner fishing day for the Wooten group.

Sunday afternoon was much of the same for Richard Stone and family. Using live eels they had all the action they wanted with bass in the 30 pound class. They kept a few for the dinner table and caught a released a dozen more. With bunker now showing up more frequently in the Mystic River I see the hot fishing action continuing in our area for quite some time. Looking forward to the fish getting even bigger as we proceed to the fall. If your interested in a trip give us a call at 860-573-3614.

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