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Had an Open Boat Trip Today... Greg Vongas, Smokey Joe Tom, Avid Matt, Jigama Joe, Tony Triggs and Tiny Tim...

Headed right past the local grounds... back to the sticky areas that have been producing for us... And it seem the fishing just keeps getting better!!!

Started Off in 30 ft and the first few drifts Had 5 keepers including smokey Joes Personal best at 6 1/2 lbs... Actually left that bite because the drift was so nice so i headed offshore figuring we could come back if we have to...

Fished the sticky stuff in 60 ft and keepers started Flying 3, 4, 5, a drift...Some quality fish too... 3-7lbs!!!. Just kept on banging them one after another....

Bite finally slowed up a bit but we just found another patch and it started all over again... Once it was apparent we were going to limit the guys were nice enough to urge us to get in the game with them ourselves... Thanks Fellas...

We picked em good just about all day.... Even me and wayne got to fish and limited out!!!

Smokey Joe Beat his personal best from earlier in the day topping his limit with his new pesonal best a 7lber... We also deadsticked another 7lber 20 cranks off the bottom by mistake! Greg Tim Tony Joe and Matt all pulled some nice size fish Today... Days ya remember!!!

So By 2:00 We Boxed Up our 8 MAN LIMIT 48 keeper FLUKE TO 7.5LBS... But in True Monger Fashion we sealed the cooler, put the net away, and cont to fish for a while and we counted what we released after that.... Before It was over we RELEASED 21 MORE KEEPER FLUKE (Never thought id be saying that) including 2 5lbers.

So The Final Count was 69 keeper Fluke (Only keeping our legal limit) and 4 seabass... We had 19 fish that were from 4lbs - 7.5lbs...All the fish the guys are holding are between 4-7lbs Enjoy!!!

Thanks again guys!!! A day to remember for sure

4 great trips in a row with limits ,hope it Holds Up!!!

Got a handful of dates available for Charter...Season will be over before ya know it!

Give a buzz to get out!!!




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