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Reel + Cedros 6' rod + 6 speed jigs

Reel is 8/10 appearance + 10/10 mechanical. Spooled with 80 lbs yello power pro and top shotted with 20lbs Big Game.

Seperate : $145.00 local - $150.00 shipped

Rod is 9/10 appearance ( small boat rash and has been fished ) and 10/10 mechanical

160g-325g. Its got some backbone.

Seperate : $75.00 local - $85.00 shipped insured in PVC tube

Lures range from 150g to 500g. I hope you can see the sizes in the pics. The 300g pink and the Chartreuse 300g lures has been jigged. The others have not been used.

Seperate : $40.00 local- $45.00 shipped


$250.00 - Shipped to the lower 48 states

$225.00 - local PU ( <acronym title="Virginia">VA</acronym> Beach, Norfolk, P-Town, Hampton, Suffolk )

My loss is your gain.







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