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Capt Wayne Took the helm sat and kept the Monger Mojo Going with our best fluke trip of the year with keeper Fish and some more limits!!! Even the Black cat couldnt shut it down

Just got the pics and full rundown:

Darren, Tiny Tim Blackcat, Warren Sr (88 years old), Warren Jr, Scott Kearny and lady friend Eve Rounded out the crew.

Headed right past the local grounds... back to the more productive sticky stuff...

Had lots of action right away but it was very heavy on the shorts... Tiny Tim had 14 shorts before a keeper... but that would change. Started picking a few keepers with the shorts... Picking and Plucking keepers with shorts they slowly worked there way out to deeper water.

Had a nice blast where every rod went of with fish landing 4 fish from 4-7lb.

Kept drifting different rockpile getting some nice shots of keepers

Cont to pick away at some nice fish until the day was done...

Congrats to Scott kearny with personal best fluke @6lbs... Tiny Tim with a Limit ++ Eve boxed up a nice seabass along with keeper fluke... Warren jr with his limit to 7lbs combining with his father for 9 keepers... And Darren who did very well with some nice keepers for his first Time!!!

By days end the crew Boxed Up 34 KEEPER FLUKE for 6 guys and a couple of seabass..Five of the fish were between 5-7lbs!!!

What a great week of Fluking... 95 keepers our last 3 trips along with a 10lber earlier in the week!!! Hope it holds up

Give a buzz...

Thanks again




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